Vikan Hygiene System

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Hygiene is dependent on professional cleaning, without the correct materials, how can you be expected to maintain the highest level of Hygiene Standards? Vikan hygiene system is not only colour coded to avoid cross contamination, fits all HACCP systems and so provides you the tools to ensures a critical level of control over your cleaning processes. Vikan Hygiene Systems are also economical as the materials used are of the highest quality and so are durable and withstand the kind of use required of these products to ensure a hygienic environment at all times. Vikan is the Cleaning Solution, and is now ALL 25% OFF at

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Vikan Nito Clean

S_vikannitocleanFor the efficiency, ergonomics, design and safety for all your Wash down needs…

The Vikan NiTo clean range is another part of the Vikan Hygiene System designed specifically for efficiency, ease of use for empoloyees, and its durable nature. Specifically the NiTo clean range is made up of: Foam Sprayers, Wash Guns, Hose & Accessories, Suspension & Trolleys, Jet Spray, Spray Kits, Nozzles and more. The key to Vikan’s NiTo clean range is that it has been designed around Hygiene, Safety, and people to ensure high quality cleaning with ease of use.

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Vikan Transport Cleaning

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The success story of Vikan Products is their suitability for the job, and the durability they provide ensuring economic value. Meaning the introduction of the ONLY cleaning system specifically designed for the Transport sector in the world. The Transport/Vehicle Cleaning Range has been specifically designed to encourage repeat use, which reduces the time taken to clean vehicles thus being extremely economical. Features such as extendable handles, water fed brushes, and other functional designs are included in the range of over cleaning tools designed for the Professional Transport Sector. And even better …

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