Bauer and Bauer Hose Assemblies

Bauer and Bauer Hose Assemblies









Original BAUER couplings are a highly versatile galvanised (DIN EN ISO 1461) coupling.  With up to 30º articulation on the coupling joint the pipes adjust easily to the site and ground conditions without loss of suction and pressure integrity.  HK couplings are coupled and uncoupled with a few simple hand movements and require no special skills or tools.


  • A complete system that can be quickly installed.
  • With up to 30º articulation on the coupling joint.
  • Suction and pressure-proof, providing excellent flexibility of installation, ideal for difficult site conditions.
  • Standard rubber seals are for use with water and effluents. For other fluids Viton selas are available.
  • Produced from high grade tensile steel, stainless steel option also available.
  • Suction and pressure-proof up to 20 Bar with all types of media, subject to suitable seal material options.
  • With the use of special seals it can resist up to 110ºC.
  • Suitable for handling all types of products:hot dip galvanised or stainless steel product range.
  • Option of having a special locking pin.

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