Blaklader Red & Back Hi Visibility Workwear Range Now Online

Kiowa Ltd have been working in partnership with Blaklader Workwear for over 12 years in a wide range of industry sectors including farming.

Blaklader workwear is different to other clothing manufacturers as they see workwear as tools for performing a better and safer job and prove that high quality always pays off as their clothes can stand up to tough demands over and over again whilst meeting all the necessary safety directives and standards that are required in today’s working environment.

With high numbers and rates of fatal injury, agriculture can be one of the riskiest working environments and so great efforts are being made to improve and highlight the risks involved.  One quick and easy way everyone can make their farm a safer place to work is to ensure all staff wear the correct hi-visibility clothing.

This has until now usually meant having to wear poor quality fluorescent vests over work clothes resulting in lost, dirty and ill-fitting clothing.

Blaklader Workwear have developed a range of hi-visibility tops as well as trousers and jackets in a range of colour combinations that have the same visibility standards as most florescent jackets; Class 1 and EN ISO 20471.  The shirts marked UV ‘3338 / 3337’ also meet the requirements EN1356-2 (UPF 40+) with added sun protection. These are made from 100% polyester which has been treated with bamboo charcoal to create a unique breathable fabric that can be worn all day.

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