Stainless Steel Round Cylinder (CRDSNU)S_Festo_Cylinder_CRDSNU

Easy to clean cylinder series in various mountings and designs

Benefits to you:

Easy to clean design and good corrosion resistance
Long service life due to optional dry-running seal
Two part bearing cap enables replacement of rod wiper seal
Modular cylinder kit with numerous variants
Dimensions largely in accordance with ISO 6432
Basic CRDSNU design: wiper seal and lubrication with FDA certification


Ideal for use in harsh ambient conditions or with stringent requirements in terms of ease of cleaning e.g:
Food and packaging industry
Medical technology

Technical Data
Piston (mm) : 12 … 63
Stroke length (mm) : 1 … 500
Cushioning types : Flexible Cushioning (P), Adjustable cushioning (PPV), Self-adjusting cushioning (PPS)
Wiper seal variants: Heat-Resistant (A1), Hard-scraper (A2), Dry running seal (A3)
Variants: Through piston rod (S2), Heat-resistant seals +120°C (S6)

Guided Drive DGRFS_Festo_Guided_Drive_DGRF

Easy to clean guided drive in Clean Design for reliable workpiece handling, even in difficult environments. For use in the food, beverage or packaging industry

The benefits to you:
Long service life due to optional dry-running seal
FDA Approved lubrication and sealing of the basic design
Good corrosion resistance and smooth surfaces
Hygienic sensor mounting possible
Compact design with exceptional guide precision and load capacity

Technical Data:
Piston Diameter (mm): 20,25,32,40,50,63
Stroke (mm): 10…400
Guide : Plain Bearing Guide
Cushioning: Elastic cushioning rings (P), Asjustable end-position cushioning (PPV)
Wiper seal : Standard, unlubricated operation.
Position Sensing : Via proximity sensor SMT-C1

Standard Cylinder Clean Design DSBFS_Festo_Cylinder_DSBF

Easy to clean cylinder in clean design – with standard dimensions and a comprehensive range of mounting accessories. Ideal for application in the food, beverage or packaging industry.

Benefits to you:
Standard cylinder to IS0 15552 with increased corrosion protection
Resistant to conventional cleaning agents
FDA Approved lubrication and sealing of the basic design
Long service life due to optinal dry running seal
Available with self adjusting cushioning PPS
Hygienic sensor mounting possible
Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for just about every type of installation.

Technical Data:
Piston Diamter (mm): 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
Stoke (mm): 10 … 2,000
Pneumatic connection : G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2
Cushioning : Adjustable end-position cushioning PPV, Self adjusting cushioning PPS
Position Sensing : Via proximity sensor SMT-C1
Standard: -20 … +80, Heat resistant: 0 … +120, Low temperature: -40 … +80

Polypropylene Fitting NPQPS_Festo_Prolypropylene_Fitting_NPQP

Alternative to stainless steel fittings

Benefits to you:

Resistant to many chemicals and acids
Resistant to hydrolysis
Large range of variants
Suitable for clean room applications
Suitable for media such as compressed air, vacuum and others on request (e.g. water)

Technical Data:
Operating temperature °C : -20 … +60
Operating pressure (bar) : -95 … 10
Available connections : M5, R1/8, R1/4, R3/8, R1/2, Polypropylene thread.