Could you help Holly?

Could you help Holly?

HollyEveryday our heartstrings are pulled by charities advertising their requirement for our support…I’m sure like me, you would love to support and donate to everyone; this is evident from the efforts people go to and the funds raised for Children in Need, Cancer Research and Movember alone.  It just isn’t possible to back everyone… but we do our best. Right?

In doing our best, I’ve noticed as we try and become healthier or more adventurous ourselves; doing sporting events, fun runs, its a knock out, marathons and even taking part in extreme climbs and treks, we are not only going beyond our limits but supporting charities as part of our gain as well…

This is like our Mark Broad (you may remember him from his efforts for Movember), who is raising money for a little girl called Holly, who is 2 years old.Mark_af

Holly is fighting a very rare form of Neurocultaneous Melanosis (tumours on the spine and brain) which is characterized by the presence of ‘moles/birthmarks’.

It is not treatable with chemotherapy but her parents are on a daunting journey after consenting to her trialling a new drug and we all hope and pray that this works.

Holly’s Parents are also trying to have enough time to take Holly from specialist to specialist so that she can get all the help she needs to survive this rare disease, but whilst this goes on, the treatment still needs funding.

There are so many children with life threatening diseases, but knowing about Holly has given us an opportunity to support her and her family and potentially other children with rare diseases that require new treatments in the future by raising awareness and having some fun raising money.

What can you do?

Well, Mark’s family and friends have held family play dates, the children have done sponsored playathons and birthday parties are supported by donations.  They are holding a charity night at which Mark will be dressed as a Spice Girl (photos to follow!)…and a raffle… Kiowa are going to hold/support events throughout the year…watch this space!

If you are looking for a charity to raise money for and generate awareness of, you can contact us about Holly’s charity.  Or, you can donate using the link below.

In advance of your help – Thank you,

Jo x