Festo P111 Training Course at KiowaHere at Kiowa we offer Festo’s Didactic Training courses held in our training facility in the East Midlands.

Festo Didactic Consultants are competent in the three key themes of; organisation, technology and people and they have relevant experience of the manufacturing marketplace.

There are three key course types and these are:





Open Courses

There are over 2,900 open courses available from Festo which can be held at either a Festo location or ‘in company’ which provides clients with a greater focus on the requirements of their business, increase flexibility and reduced expenses.

Open courses are available in the following areas

  • Technology and Applications
  • Management Development
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Team Development
  • Process Development and Re-Engineering
  • Product Training

Structured Development Courses

When a company’s training needs require either a series of courses or adaptation of standard content of a course, Festo will design a Structured Development Program. These programs may include skills assessment, a variety of learning opportunities and methods and an element of ongoing coaching.

The aim of these structured courses is to work towards developing specific capabilities and can take place over a number of months or years.

The structured courses can include elements from a wide range of disciplines

  • People
    • Problem-solution processes
    • Moderating teams
    • Efficient communication
    • Intercultural competence
    • Management skills
  • Technology
    • Pneumatics
    • Manufacturing automation
    • Control engineering
    • PCL technology
    • Robotics
    • Sensors
  • Organisation
    • Process optimisation
    • Pull production
    • Equipment efficiency and set-up optimisation
    • Value-stream analysis
    • Target engineering
    • Customer centricity

Customer Specific Projects

When a customer’s needs go beyond a training program additional support is required. Customer Specific Projects are focused on delivering defined improvements against agreed business objectives and KPIs.

The projects are based on the proven four step principles of IDEA – Identify, Develop, Engage and Apply. Using this approach Festo can ensure that:

  • The process is effective
  • The people are involved
  • The client’s management is ‘enabled’
  • The desired goals are delivered

For more information on our Festo Pneumatics range of the Festo Didactic Training courses contact our Technical Sales Team on +44(0)1529 416200 or email them at sales@kiowa.co.uk.