Festo Energy Saving SurveyMany customers are now looking to reduce their energy costs, especially those related to the production and use of compressed air within the production environment. Our aim is to work closely with customers to provide them with an effective energy saving service and a programme to ensure that the engineers become the cure rather than the problem.

The Festo Energy Saving Survey is an excellent way of reducing energy, maintenance, logistics and machine downtime costs. The aim of these surveys is to increase productivity by reducing production costs. On average, 25% – 35% of compressed air is wasted. The industry benchmark for this cost is 1.5p/m³.

What do leakages cost?

Leakage Ø / mm Volume / m³ per year Cost per year
0.5 7,709 £115
1 38,500 £580
1.5 65,700 £980
2 136,600 £2,050
3 307,500 £4,600
4 546,600 £8,200

Kiowa Ltd and Festo would address the problem from both a reactive approach and a proactive approach.

Reactive Approach

Carry out a Festo Energy Saving Survey to find out where the real issues are and to identify the root cause of these problems.

  • What is the current air consumption and leakage rate?
  • What applications are high users?
  • What safety concerns can be found?
  • What improvements can be made?

Proactive Approach

Increase the skill and knowledge levels of the engineers to stop these issues re-entering the production environment and make design improvements. Any future decision has to consider:

  • Tools
  • Attitude
  • Skill
  • Knowledge

If you would like further information on the Festo Energy Saving Survey, please contact our Technical Sales Team on +44(0)1529 415551 or email them at sales@kiowa.co.uk

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