10 good reasons for using pneumaticsS_Festo_for_Water

Customised automation with pneumatics not only minimises costs, it is also reliable, sturdy, explosion-proof and overload-proof

Benefits of automation concepts with pneumatics:

Saving costs by:

  • Fast engineering and fast commissioningS_Festo_for_Water2
  • Simple pilot air supply
  • Simple installation
  • Fewer interfaces
  • Longer service intervals
  • Benefits of scale due to knowledge transfer

Expert and professional advice:

  • Joint design of the compressed air system
  • Calculation of compressed air consumption
  • Support during the tender phaseS_Festo_for_Water3

Robust and reliable:

  • High switching cycle rate
  • Simple and independent adjustment of: opening and closing times
  • Directly flange-mounted onto the process valve, without a S_Festo_for_Water4gear unit
  • Open/close operation, intermediate positions, for variable positioning along the entire stroke

Ideally suited for outdoor use:

  • Insensitive to temperatures between -20°C and +80°C
  • Low-temperature design down to -40°C
  • High-temperature design up to +120°CS_Festo_for_Water5
  • Corrosion-resistant, complete stainless steel design optional

Everything from a single source:

  • Orders processed quickly
  • Only one part number
  • Faster project implementationS_Festo_for_Water6

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions:    

  • 100% duty cycle
  • Low current consumption
  • Zero-leakage tubing
  • Few moving parts
  • Precisely sized unitsS_Festo_for_Water7

Maximum safety:

  • Low voltage for all system components
  • Compressed air reserve in the air reservoir
  • 3 emergency functions for voltage drop (open-close-stop)
  • Low operating pressures
  • Harmonised solutionsS_Festo_for_Water8

High power density:

  • For small size and low weight with smaller nominal diameters
  • High forces up to 50,000 N and torques up to 10,000 Nm
  • More power by simply increasing the pressure

Overload-proof: S_Festo_for_Water9

  • Damage-free load bearing until the system is at rest
  • Reserve force for overcoming increased breakaway torques, for example for deposits
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Ideally suited for variable-speed drive


  • ATEX-approved up to zone 1 as standard – without extra costs
  • Perfect for explosion-proof areas