Festo P111 Course 29th, 30th and 31st January 2013 at Kiowa Ltd

This course is FULL.
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Festo P111 Training Course at Kiowa
Festo P111 Training Course at Kiowa

What is it? The Festo P111 Course otherwise known as “Introduction to Industrial Pneumatics Fundamentals Course” is a course which is both beneficial for employee and employer alike.What will I gain? After attending this course you will understand the design, construction and operation of pneumatic components, you will also be able to interpret circuit diagrams and symbols as well as the construction of control systems. This fundamental knowledge will begin to make pneumatics clearer to delegates and will therefore increase overall efficiency.

Who will be doing the training? This course is held at Kiowa Conference Centre, where Festo Experts are on hand to train, assist and answer questions.

What kind of training is it? There is a big emphasis on practical training, working with pneumatics to learn the fundamentals but there is also some theory training including understanding diagrams and symbols.

Why should I/my employees take part? This course is a must for employees dealing with pneumatic components on a daily basis, there are both safety issues with pneumatics but also the need for efficiency, to get the job done you need to know the basics or the diagrams, symbols and operation of pneumatic components can be mystery. (Oh and all the refreshments are on us!)