Festo PN281 – Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics

Festo PN281 – Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics

S_Festo_Air_is_MoneyAbout the PN281 Course

Designed as a general introduction to the function and operation of pneumatic and electrical equipment used in simple Electro-Pneumatic controls, the course covers the design and practical construction of such circuits.

Course Summary

The course deals with the control of pneumatic actuators using electrical sensing and switching devices. Electrical principles are covered at a basic level, but some previous knowledge of pneumatic equipment is required. Both functions and operation of switches, relays, solenoid- operated valves and proximity sensors are included and delegates put theory into practice with practical exercises. Working from pneumatic and electrical circuit diagrams they have produced, delegates have to select the appropriate equipment and build control circuits. A strong emphasis is placed on safety and appropriate working practices throughout the course, especially during the practical sessions.

Target Group

All personnel involved with the design, installation, maintenance, operation and servicing of industrial Electro-Pneumatic equipment and basic control systems with a general engineering background.


  • Overview of pneumatic symbol
  • Electrical symbols
  • Electrical contact specification
  • Electrical logic connections
  • Solenoid valves
  • Open and closed loop control
  • Relays
  • Proximity sensors
  •  Pneumatic speed control
  • Multi-cylinder control, sequential and conditional control
  • Motion diagram
  • Single – continuous cycle
  • Time delay

Training Outcome

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Read and understand Electro-Pneumatic circuit diagrams
  2. Design Electro-Pneumatic circuits
  3. Understand fundamentals and terminology of Electro-Pneumatic control engineering
  4. Understand the function and operation of a range of proximity sensors
  5. Read, interpret and construct motion diagrams
  6. Understand Pneumatic symbols
  7. Understand Electro-Pneumatic symbols
  8. Construct multi-cylinder control circuits
  9. City & Guilds Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics certificate 2288-01

N.B. Course contents are only a guide and will be covered as far as time permits.

Course Duration

Courses take place over three days and are available in-house at Kiowa Sleaford or at one of our national training centres.

The practical exercises are used throughout the course. Candidates will also use FluidSIM, a Festo software package for the design and simulation of fluid power circuits.

Course Dates

For a list of course dates please see below or contact our sales team on 01529 416200 or sales@kiowa.co.uk for further details.