Gates CycloneGates Cyclone is a purpose made washdown hose manufactured in the USA specifically for the food industry. It has been designed to with stand continual use and has an extra thick wall making it crush and kink resistant.

Cyclone is heavy duty light weight hose designed for continuous washdown use. It is constructed with abrasion resistant Modified Type C2 Nitrile cover and tube reinforced with a double layer of synthetic high tensile cord. This makes Cyclone 30% lighter than a steel reinforced hose and 33% more flexible. Cyclone has a thick wall to give it extra crush and kink resistance. Cyclone is ideal for use in medium to high pressure applications in all food processing including vegetable, dairy, poultry plants along with abattoirs.

The Cyclone cover is made from Gates Type C2 (Modified Nitrile) making it resistant to abrasion, weathering, vegetable oil and animal fats. Cyclone is available with a Blue and Yellow cover as standard or with Red or a Green cover subject to minimum order quantities.

S_Cyclone_closeupWorking Temperature:
-40°C to +100°C Continuous washdown service

Working Pressure:
Max working pressure is 69 Bar / 1000psi

Branding: Continuous ink print label. Example: Cyclone® Washdown 1/2Inch (12.5mm) 1000 PSI (6.90MPa)WP Made In U.S.A.