S_Robert_Wiseman_LogoHere at Kiowa we are extremely pleased to announce that Robert Wiseman Dairies have renewed their contract with Kiowa for a further 2 years, until June 2014. The new contract includes Trelleborg hose assemblies for various tanker bays at their 6 dairies across the UK.

Mark Broad, National Account Manager commented “We are extremely happy to continue our working relationship with Robert Wiseman. We have been successful by offering Trelleborg products which have been specifically developed to last in service, into dairy applications”.

The Trelleborg Alikler D hose which has been developed for tanker bay applications for both product and CIP transfer has proved to be a very successful hose. The hose is lightweight, crush recoverable with a high working pressure of 16 bar. In addition to this we have been surveying hoses on a regular basis as a preventative maintenance programme where hose assemblies are checked and where damaged they are removed before there is any chance of product spillage.

Because Trelleborg Alikler D has been specifically designed for transfer of Food, and Agricultural products, it can be used for many applications including milk, beer, oil, fat, wine, cider, fruit juice and alcohol up to 96%, and suction on unloading bays in dairies.

The advantages of the Alikler D are:

  • Smooth, seamless, white, multi-purpose, food grade tube that does not propagate bacterial growth.
  • Able to recover its shape after accidental squeeze
  • Changes in temperature have little effect due to the qualities of the rubber compound
  • Resistant to cleaning detergents at temperatures up to 130°C
  • Non-marking abrasion resistant cover
  • Contains no phthalate


Specification of Alikler D:

Inner tube: food grade, oil resistant NBR, white smooth

Reinforcement: synthetic textile with embedded PET helix for ID up to 50mm

Cover: oil and weather resistant NBR/PVC, blue, fabric impression

Temperature Range: -30°C – 100°C

Standard Approval: FDA Approval