Fosse Liquitrol Range of Pollution Control Products Now Online

We have been working in partnership with Fosse Liquitrol for many years and have now added a range of their most popular products online in the following three categories:

  • Prevention & Containment
  • Being Ready
  • Controlling a Spill

Prevention & Containment: In the UK containers of oil or fuel cannot be stored outside unless they are correctly bunded in a secondary containment item (Oil Storage Regulations 2001). This means that if the container of oil leaks it will be contained within the bund. The secondary containment item must also be able to hold a minimum of 25% of the total volume or 110% of the largest container, whichever is the greatest. This category contains such products as drum and IBC pallets, bunded stores and drum trolleys that have been specifically developed to assist with preventing and coping with liquid spills and pollution.

Being Ready: Industrial, hazardous and vehicle spill kits that have been designed to contain and clean up spillages and limit environmental damage. Allows you to effectively respond to any oil, chemical or general liquid spills.

Controlling a Spill: Products that help to contain liquid spills in order to prevent spread of the material to other areas. Such items include Spilkleen and Spilchoice pads, cushions, socks and granules.

The whole Kiowa / Fosse Liquitrol catalogue can be viewed here

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