The Gates HDMS is an early warning system which informs the operator of hose problems and potential failures as well as estimating the remaining hose life of the hoses in use. If a warning message is shown, the hose assembly can be changed quickly before a breakdown occurs.

The HDMS can monitor up to four sensors located in different areas of the hose system and each sensor can monitor up to six different hoses. Each hose can be of a different construction as well as operate at a different pressure.

After installation of the product, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is programmed to apply the correct damage algorithms to the hoses being monitored. This system then monitors and warns of service or out-of-spec conditions such as over-pressure or over-temperature as well as warning of failure of the ECU or the sensors.

Gates Hose Diagnostic Monitoring System - HDMS

Gates Safe Hydraulics Training

Gates Safe HydraulicsIn partnership with Gates, Kiowa Ltd can provide you with expert information on safety issues that affect hydraulic hose assemblies through the Gates Safe Hydraulics and line side training program. Kiowa Ltd has the facilities to hold training sessions for your staff onsite or we can arrange training facilities at a location convenient to you.

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