In partnership with Gates, Kiowa Ltd can provide you with expert information on safety issues that affect hydraulic hose assemblies through the Gates Safe Hydraulics and line side training program. These programs are designed to educate attendees on preventative maintenance, safety and installation procedures for all hydraulic hose assemblies. Kiowa Ltd has the facilities to hold training sessions for your staff onsite or we can arrange training facilities at a location convenient to you.

Gates Safe Hydraulics

Safe Hydraulics Training

The Gates Safe Hydraulics training offers:

  • World class product, safety and preventative maintenance training
  • Global and local expertise from Gates application engineers
  • Certified trainers
  • Information tailored to a customer’s needs
  • Includes an overview of relevant EU legislation complete with practical exampls
  • Line Side Training

The Kiowa “line side program” is an onsite training service specifically designed to ensure you use the correct hose installation methods for your hose assemblies. The training covers fitting, inspection and torque setting techniques for hydraulic fittings, along with hose orientation and routing. Not only does the training help to reduce the leaks and hose failures, it has the added benefit of being completed at your place of work on your own machines. Conducted as a series of “tool box type” talks it often helps to dispel urban myths and create a better understanding of how important it is to install a hose correctly.

Did you know…

  • The mixing and matching of components of different sources that are not validated nor tested is impermissible (98/37/CE – EN942)?
  • The repair of hose assemblies is forbidden by law (98/37/CE – EN 982)?
  • Marking, indicating day and year of manufacture is obligatory (EN 982)?
  • The lifetime of hose assemblies is limited?
  • Fluids under pressure can cause injuries which can result in the loss of the injured body part or even death?
  • The assembler can be held responsible for the consequences of a failed hydraulic hose assembly (98/37/CE – EN982)?

For further information on the Gates Safe Hydraulics Training courses that can be held at Kiowa’s training facilities contact our Technical Sales Team on +44(0)1529 415551 or email them at