Global Hose Resources

Vast UK Held Stock

In response to the rapid evolution of global logistics we have greatly increased our UK stockholding, trebling stock capacity across the group, greatly increasing turnaround times across all lines.

With strategic coverage across the UK, we can move supplies rapidly through our internal network; plus, our dedicated purchasing team constantly liaise directly with our factories, prioritising our client’s orders.

We also work closely with our UK based sister partners who provide additional stock where unprecedented surges in demand occur.

International Support

With so many particular specialities to master within the hose assembly industry, we provide technical expertise to many partner sites across the globe. Kiowa’s reputation for best practice has seen us work on a whole myriad of global hose projects, particularly in Europe and the Americas.

In a similar vein, our international partners also work closely to assist us by providing additional support and expertise with some of our larger and more unique hose development projects.

Faster Fulfilment

With fulfilment centres across the globe, we can efficiently maintain resource in-flow, receiving daily supplies across all our UK branches.

We recognise that international trade has become more complex to navigate and have subsequently devised leaner logistics processes, that will help to ensure price rises and unavoidable delays are kept to a minimum.

Having also expanded our internal logistics fleet, ensuring we have a more robust portfolio of collection & delivery vehicles available.

First access to Hose Innovations

As part of the Alfagomma Group, we work with our partners across the globe to source the latest hose innovations; keeping regularly in contact with our global partners on international developments to ensure we adapt our processes quickly and uphold seamless supply.

We also work closely with Alfagommas’ in-house product development team and with our clients, where we have been able to effectively construct brand new hose solutions to meet unique UK client needs.

With Vast UK Held Stock & Daily Deliveries We Can Usually Meet Any Hose Requirement.