Habasit Cleandrive

Habasit Cleandrive

The Cleandrive system is the new solution to Hygienic Belting from Habasit

This new belt generation has been developed to support hygiene sensitive food processes and applications by combining the benefits of closed conveyor belt surfaces with the mechanical advantages of low tensioned, positive driven plastic modular belts.

Habasit Cleandrive provides:

-Improved hygiene conditions of easy to clean, closed surface

-Less or no product waste and residues on belt reverse side – less time required for cleaning of belts

-No traps or hinges to clamp product – reduced risk of contamination

-No creep at load – reliable sprocket engagement/tracking over entire lifetime

-No belt attack by cleaning agents – no surface damages caused by chemicals

-Runs with low tension – simpler conveyor design/energy savings

-Cutting to different width and welding of cleats and profiles – allows use in various food processing applications

-The first belt of this category with a proven antimicrobial additive – approved by EPA and complies with FDA and USDA regulations

They have been built to limit the risks of contamination due to product residues in gaps, hinges and dead spots of plastic modular belts – especially in hygiene sensitive industries like:

Meat and Poultry processing

-Cooked, fried or frozen products

-Handling of meat and poultry

-Sausage production

Fish and seafood processing

-Washed, steamed, cooked, fried or frozen products

Fruit and Vegetable processing

-Washed, cooked, steamed, bleached, fried or frozen products

Dairy products

-Handling of cheese

Potato processing

-Conveying of French Fries and chip manufacture.

Cleandrive is the optimal combination of established Habasit product ranges, like coated fabric belts or plastic modular belts – now merging key features such as:

-Smooth, homogenous surfaces

-Wear and chemical resistant materials

-Positive driven by sprocket engagement

-Low tension system

The outcome is a new belting category – Positive driven extruded belts.

The Habasit Cleandrive Ranges:

The Cleandrive is currently available in 2” pitch:

XVT-2407 (White)

XVT- 2408 (Blue)

Maximum belt width – 610mm (24”)

Minimum belt width – 152mm (6”)



-Cleandrive – this sprocket is recommended for increased loads and small transfers

A 1” belt is currently under development

Please call our sales team who will be happy to answer any questions regarding the Habasit cleandrive on +44 (0)1529 415551.

We can also arrange a visit from one of our team to assist you in seeing how the Habasit Cleandrive would fit into your application making your processes both more hygienic and more efficient.