Hose Assembly & Supply

Industrial Hose Assemblies

Today, Kiowa possesses the capability and capacity to provide clients with 100’s of large scale hose assemblies every week, providing assemblies for almost any application.

Every hose is constructed to stringent international standards using only the most appropriate options when it comes to materials and component construction.

On a given day our five sites can be making anything from simple water/suction assemblies to Nuclear waste assemblies. From engine hoses to oil hoses, food, oil, chemicals, or abrasive materials, our optionality with hose assemblies has no limits!

Best Practice

Clients rely on us not just because we ‘get the job done’ but because we produce hose assemblies that follow the highest standards in production, with reliability & hose safety our top priority. We don’t comprise on quality, so why should you!


Kiowa has years of experience across a wide breath of industries & fully understands the intricacies of sector specific hose assembly requirements; from food safe compliant to static or fire resistant hoses, we make hoses for all technical specifications.

Etching & Labelling

Hose assets can often be moved between a variety of changing contexts, making it hard to keep track of individual asset history. To help with this we offer asset marking and labelling services, so you can accurately track your assemblies history.

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

From agricultural machinery to plant equipment we service all manner of Hydraulic requirements, providing both batch and mass assembly supply.

Kiowa can also supply a vast selection of pre-assembled Hydraulic kits to match your exact specifications. We frequently work with clients to build one off tailored hydraulic assemblies and custom test assemblies where clients are developing/engineering designs.

From autonomous underwater vehicles to wind farms, we have developed and produced hydraulic assemblies to suit the needs of complex engineering requirements. We can also produce replacement assemblies, and our capacity allows to provide single assemblies to.

Hydraulic Kits

Our global supply network gives us access to every conceivable type of Hydraulic Hose & Fittings to provide Hydraulic kits for any application.

OEM Support

We work with some of the biggest names in OEM machinery production to provide custom hydraulic assemblies that are ready to fit onto their products.

Integrated Parts

We use only ALFAGOMMA Hydraulic hose & components across all our Hydraulic assemblies, to ensure full integration & guaranteed reliability.

Hose Reel Assemblies

Commercial Reeling solutions don’t have to be complicated. Our hose reel assemblies serve a broad range of requirements, from over ground engine driven portable assemblies to manual rewind wall mounted assemblies, and bespoke Reeling options.

Our standard range of Hose Reel assemblies can be constructed with a variety of hoses & accessories. From anti-static & fire safe options, to food and drinking water compliant solutions, all reeling systems can be adapted to suit your specific technical requirements.

KIOWAs reputation for bespoke Reeling Systems has spawned from on-going co-creation opportunities between our clients & our Reels consultancy team. We can provide standard solutions from our extensive catalogue range, or build Reels from scratch.

Automated Reeling

As industries becomes evermore advanced, so does the requirement to have efficient Reeling systems. Many of our clients look to us to help supply an automated Reeling solution that’s both easy to operate & suitably robust.

Retraction Safety

One of the most common risks associated with heavy duty reeling systems is the risk of injury during retraction to the operator. To mitigate this we have introduced several slow retraction reeling solutions that support safe operational practices.

Mounting Versatility

We supply Reels to a whole host of industries, and often find suitable mounting for reeling systems can be a challenge for clients. Our Reels are designed to offer versatility when it comes to integrating them with your infrastructure.

Industrial Hose Supplies

Now part of one of the Globe’s largest manufactures of Industrial Hose, KIOWA has unrestricted and direct access to industrial hose supplies from every continent.

With weekly shipments arriving across our UK branches, we have a tremendous UK stock portfolio, and can quickly draw on our internal logistics network to move supplies across the UK. Many of our customers will bulk order hose supplies, but whether it’s single lengths of hose or whole coils we can fulfil where most would struggle!

Many of our clients require on-going hose supplies, at intervals throughout the year; our dedicated purchasing team will work with to ensure our factories know your schedule.

Bulk Requirements

Many of customers will often order bulk quantities of hoses to help minimise additional spend on one-off orders. KIOWA is well accustomed with this approach, and we can usually dispatch bulk orders in just a matter of days.

Bespoke Hoses

Often when clients ask for bespoke hose solutions they’re not just seeking a couple of hoses, but instead often 100’s at a time; hence, we have evolved to ensure our stores house the additional resources required to fulfil large bespoke orders.

On-Going Fulfilment

Our depots around the UK are geared to support regular fulfilment of hose supplies. We also have 2 sister sites within the UK to alleviate significant demand during peak seasons. Rest assured, we always ensure our clients get what they need.

Hydraulic Hose Supplies

We source all our Hydraulic supplies from the globally renowned Alfagomma Hydraulic brand. This ensures we supply not only the best quality but fully integrated systems.

We stock a vast range of Hydraulic hoses, fittings, couplings, adapters and accessories across all five of our branches, allowing us to offer same day fulfilment where required.

Over the years we’ve partnered with businesses across the country, keeping their on-site stores regularly stocked.

Bulk Requirements

Our sites are equipped with the resources to quickly respond to large scale Hydraulic requirements. Assembled in-house our hydraulic products can be quickly delivered to your door.

Tailored Assemblies

As the UK’s leading supplier of Hose assembly solutions, we have a strong track record of providing tailored Hydraulic assemblies on mass or to meet one-off individual requirements.

On-going Fulfilment

Many of our clients require on-going Hydraulic supplies throughout the year, & often at short notice. To support our clients we offer specialist fulfilment packages, with full logistics support.

Hose Reel Supplies

All our Reels are ready assembled for dispatch at our Teesside site, where the Reels will be fully assembled, with the relevant accessories, mounting components & required hoses specified by our clients.

We can also supply Reels bare, and supply individual parts and accessories where required. Every Reel will come ready to install, & where required, will be fully calibrated.

Due to the bespoke nature of a commercial reels construction, it is common place for reels to be serviced at regular intervals. We work closely with our reeling clients to offer on-going aftercare, parts supplies & servicing support to keep your reels rolling!

Bulk Requirements

As hose technology advances, and costs increase, the importance of properly storing & dispensing hoses has grown significantly, with mass reeling solutions being increasingly adopted by clients to protect their multiple networks of hose assets.

Single Solutions

The incredible range of reels we stock, ensures we have something suitable for every application. Customers often approach us for single reeling solutions, to support a variety of requirements, from supplying air to refuelling boats & planes.

Contract Hire Support

The nature of the reeling projects we undertake sees us managing reeling systems used in contract hire scenarios. Whether it’s reel maintenance or finding replacement reeling solutions for special applications, our reels team can always assist.