Festo Air is MoneyHigh energy prices, rising cost pressures and increasing climate change awareness are making energy efficiency a core issue for companies…

Energy efficiency is the key to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Festo in collaboration with Kiowa shows the way to optimised energy usage in machines and systems. Intelligent services, tools and solutions are the signposts you need to follow to achieve greater efficiency.


The Festo Energy Saving Day on the 26th or 27th February 2013 in collaboration with Kiowa: demonstrates how companies can optimally exploit potential savings in compressed air through:

  1. Innovative, in-house energy concepts
  2. Energy saving knowledge and training
  3. Energy efficiency services
  4. Intelligent engineering
  5. Products and solutions

Learn how to detect and rectify leakages: Save up to 42% on compressed air via leakage rectification.

The benefits to you: Festo have extensive experience in the area of energy saving whilst Kiowa Sales Engineers can conduct site surveys and inform you of the most appropriate product to use for your industry application.  Our know-how covers the whole spectrum, from reviewing and analysing a current situation to planning and implementing optimisation measures and securing the achieved savings for the long term through process analysis, control and staff training in proper assembly of hoses on the line.

Make Improvements: Lower energy costs

• More efficient compressed air generation/production

• Reduced compressed air consumption

• Prevents pressure drops

Increase production capacity

• Prevents unplanned production downtimes

• Higher production process stability

• Prevents rejects due to constant production quality

• Optimal machine status reached

The result: up to 60 % savings in costs with increased productivity.

Cost: £95 per delegate*

*If your company attends one of our training courses thereafter, £95 will be deducted from the cost of that course.