Industrial Food Hose Assemblies from Kiowa

Industrial Food Hose Assemblies from Kiowa

As a Trelleborg partner , Kiowa is able to offer application specific hose and hose assemblies for the food industry.    Our hose assemblies can be used for:Trellborg Logo

  • Unloading operations
  • Transferring operations
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Milk collection

The application is the most important factor in determining the correct hose to use and will extend the life of your assembly if chosen correctly.  Along with the working temperature and pressure that the hose will be exposed to and the media being conveyed.  Trelleborg’s food hoses have a seamless extruded liner made from special rubber compounds which prevents bacterial growth within the hose. These food hoses are flexible, strong and have excellent resistance to hammer shocks.


Further Options for your Food Hose Assemblies

We offer many options for our hose assemblies including; a range of fittings, custom ferrule marking, bounce rings, elbows and rubber coated nuts.

Light Series Fittings

Light series hygienic hose fittings have been specifically designed to be light weight and have been fully tested to 1.5 times their hose working pressure. They are the preferred fitting of many tanker fleets where operators are constantly handling hoses. Typical applications are milk collection and loading and unloading bays.

Heavy Series Fittings

Heavy series hygienic hose fittings are designed to withstand higher pressures and have excellent resistance to sudden impulses and pressure spikes and are fully tested to twice their hose working pressure. Typical applications are high viscosity foods, mobile vessel connections and pump connections.

Reusable Hose Fittings

Reusable hygienic hose fittings are specifically designed for tanker operators where there is an increased risk of hoses being crushed. These fittings can be removed and refitted with the use of an allen key with no loss in pressure rating. This fitting can be used several times, reducing down time and cost. Our reusable fittings have been fully tested with Trelleborg hoses to twice the hose working pressure.

Custom Ferrule Markingkiowa etched pic 2 (3)

At Kiowa Ltd, we can custom mark the ferrules to your requirements. This can be with information such as the date of manufacture, a serial number or your part number for traceability. We can also add detailed information such as use i.e. ‘CIP USE ONLY’ with production line information i.e. ‘LINE 1’, ‘Flow Direction’ or any other marking you may require.

Hose Surveys

Kiowa Ltd have an experienced team of  National and Regional Sales Engineers who are happy to visit your site and carry out a full hose survey; a ‘traffic light system’.  This involves measuring and documenting every process hose onsite and recording them. Each process hose is given a unique number which is recorded in our database.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a site visit e: or T: 01529 416200