Industrial Hose Compliance

Most Industrial Hoses we assemble are required to meet certain minimum pressure thresholds and to also meet industry specific ISO standards. At Kiowa we offer industrial hose certification offering piece of mind surrounding the reliability of our products and ensuring you have the documentation you need for auditing purposes.

As part of ensuring your hose is fully complaint with government, and your specific operational requirements, our sales engineers are trained to carry out full hose assessments where they will look to ascertain what hose will best serve you, whilst always keeping safety and hose longevity at the forefront of the options they put forward. They will assess potential risks your hose/s my become exposed to, such as abrasion, vibration, temperature changes, changes in working pressure, and bend radius requirements.

The consequences of hose blowout or failure can be severe, hence the paramount importance of ensuring the hoses you use are fully complaint and capable of carrying the fluids they will be subjected to. At Kiowa we offer a range of support services that can help extend the life of your hoses and ensure your site remains fully compliant with current and future regulations.

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