Water (Clean/Waste)

From water suction and deliver to industrial scale waste handling solutions, we support some of largest water management organisations in the UK.


Whether it’s buoyant fuel delivery hoses, oil extraction, or offshore energy production sites, we can provide hose support for several offshore activities.


Whether you need long-lasting construction hose solutions, or economical one time use options, we can help; from concreate to abrasive materials.


Kiowa posses decades of expertise in supporting OEM’s, whether it’s small batch engine hose production, or 1000’s of custom hydraulic assemblies!

Agricultural & AD

Whether you need hose solutions for irrigation, replacement hydraulic assemblies for farm machinery, or support with an AD plant, we can help.


From supporting hauliers across the country providing safe petrochemical hose solutions, to commercial hose reel assemblies for boats, trains, & more.


Chemical transfer can be a highly dangerous process, which is why our clients rely on Kiowa’s expertise for safe chemical hose solutions.


Finding the right food safe hose solution is easy, if you have the right guidance and expertise; from brewing to chocolate production, we can help.