Kiowa Ltd have been working hard in partnership with Portaltech Technology Systems Ltd to create a brand new website platform to make our customers day to day business with Kiowa easier and better.

Kiowa decided to undertake this project with the customer in mind, ensuring that using our website provides functions to as a high a quality as the products we are selling.

By doing this we have improved the website greatly by adding numerous features that previously were not possible.

These features include customer specific offerings such as ‘My Range’, My Product’ and ‘My Orders’ which allow our customers much more control over their Kiowa account. These features also enable busy customers to save baskets, save folders of repeat buys in files (as many as required) and view previous orders whether by web, phone or any other method.

Other features such as ‘faceted searches’ allow our customers to narrow down on specific requirements to view only the products applicable for their needs, this is key to lightening the load on our customers to search.

These brand new Kiowa account management tools, and searching tools are in-valuable to our customers as they will make purchasing, searching and choosing both easier and quicker.

Kiowa will be working hard post-launch of the website to gain feedback from our customers and gain valuable information to improve the website further still.