Kiowa recieves ISO 9001:2008 CertificationKiowa has been working towards ISO 9001 Certification and we are pleased to have recieved our Certification Award!

As the most important and well recognised Quality Management System standard both in the U.K. and worldwide, it is a certification Kiowa will wear with pride.

It of course means that for all customers and suppliers, there is a guarentee that when dealing with Kiowa, you are dealing with a company whose processes are aimed towards Quality to achieve Quality products and services.

A little about ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 is the internationally recognised standard for the Quality Management of Businesses. ISO 9001 is:

  • Used as Quality Management for the controls put in place for the products and services a company supplies.
  • It provides systematic control of all activites within a business and assures the systems are of the highest standard increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • ISO 9001 can improve efficiency and productivity as product and service deficiencies are found and rectified in order to achieve certification.
  • Finally working towards ISO 9001:2008 means the company has the aim to improve quality of procedures and therefore company performance.

Kiowa would like to thank Ivor, Paula and Darren whose hard work has paid off. Congratulations!