Kiowa Ltd recently sponsored Coteland’s Community School in the Greenpower Electric Car competition. Pupils of the school entered into the Formula 24 race for secondary schools.

Greenpower is a company which aims to promote engineering and technology as a career to students aged between 9 and 21 in full-time or part-time education. Greenpower achieve this through a unique hands-on project in which pupils design, build and race an electric car.

A detailed specification is issued to competing secondary schools along with a 24 volt electric motor and a set of 4 12 vole lead / acid batteries. Cards are designed and built within school grounds, with the help of teachers, co-opted engineers, parents and sponsoring companies. The cards then compete in a number of IMechE Greenpower run endurance and sprint events throughout the country, using well-known race tracks. Along with many other companies, Kiowa Ltd sponsored the Coteland’s Community School team. Kiowa engineers advised on the construction of the car onside and provided in depth knowledge to help assist teachers and pupils with the design and build.

Kiowa fabricated the body of the car in our onside fabrication department out of black polypropylene, using range of tools including line benders and hand tools. The wheels and the catches were supplier and then the Kiowa fabrication team got to work. They made the body of the car from scratch, with no drawings or guidelines to work from and the end results was a huge success. The body fitted perfectly over the aluminium frame of the car and the use of polypropylene made it as lightweight as possible, ensuring maximum speed for the car.

Kiowa also arranged for custom logos to be produced by Humbug Design, a local graphic design company, which appear on the bonnet, sides and rear of the car.

Support the Coteland’s Community School team in their first Greenpower race:

Thursday 25th June 2009

Cornwall College South West Regional Heat Location: Newquay airport Further racing dates to be announced.

Good Luck Coteland’s Community School!