NEW from Roman Seliger - The TX Series Dry Disconnect Coupling
NEW from Roman Seliger – The TX Series Dry Disconnect Coupling

Recently launched by Roman Seliger the TX Series Dry Disconnect Coupling will be featured by Kiowa Ltd at the SPE Offshore Show in September.

The coupling consists of two halves each of which is equipped with a disc cut-off valve.  Coupling is performed by pushing the male half axially into the female half, the motion creating an impermeable connection.  Further rotation by approximately 100º opens the valve by transmitting a sliding action into the centre of the male section, which opens up a ring-shaped flow channel.

During the uncoupling operation, the rotary movement is performed in the opposite direction: the flow channel in both coupling halves is impermeably sealed before the coupling halves can be separated.


  • STANAG-compatible.
  • Low actuating force.
  • Highest flow rates and lowest pressure drops.
  • Highest operating pressure.
  • stability in rough environments.
  • non-projecting piston included in all tank units.
  • Easy connection.
  • Worldwide quickest maintenance.
  • O-ring count reduced.
  • High performance swivel.
  • Hands on interlock device.

SPE Offshore Europe is from 8th  – 11th September, Aberdeen. Come and see us on Stand 4E48 or if you would like some more information on the TX Coupling before then please email