The Rajasthan ‘Save the Children’ Cycle Challenge 2014:


A six day, 526 Km bike ride from Agra to Jaipur in Rajasthan India in temperatures of 36°C…

Day 1) Taj Mahal to Keoladeo Ghana National Park – 85km approx / 7-8hrs

Day 2) Keoladeo Ghana National Park to Karauli – 113km approx / 9-10hrs

Day 3) Karauli to Ranthambore National Park  – 112km approx /8-9 hrs

Day 4) Cycle to Rawat village, Dastkar Women’s Co-operative and Ranthambhore National Park – 45km approx 7-8 hrs

Day 5) Ranthambore National Park to Bhanderej – 115km approx / 8-10hrs

Day 6) Bhanderej to Jaiprsur – 56km / 5-6hrs

Mike Brown (Ian Brown’s (NAM and Hose Reels Specialist) brother) has taken the DSC09622challenge with his colleagues to raise money for ‘Save the Children’ who do some fantastic work not only all over the world, but on our doorstep in the UK as well.

They departed for India on the 26th February and were already well on the way to their target of quarter of a million raising a hefty sum of £200,000!

Including Kiowa’s support, Mike and his colleagues have raised a massive £62,000 on this event alone. They have completed three events in total and across all have raised a whopping £200,000.

Bikes of Choice:

the bikesbike of choice

“Training is constant now and I must admit the body is beginning to feel it.  My legs are like tree trunks !! commented Mike, before his departure.

It’s been interesting training over the last six weeks as the roads have been like rivers! But I have stuck to it with just a minimum of training completed indoors on my turbo trainer”.

Training didn’t come without its Perls, “I’ve also gone slightly professional & invested in some SPD shoes & peddles … this takes the cycling to a whole new dimension when you can’t take your feet off the peddles & they seem to automatically stick harder when you panic! This has resulted with several “off’s” on both land and water (yes water). Only last week I came off my bike near the Southdown’s on what can only be described as a road river and land slide.  Not a good look, lying on the side of road with a bike stuck to your feet!!”

Good luck to all involved.

If you would like to donate – you can here: