Composite hose is a unique hose composed of many layers of special materials, held together between an inner and outer wire. This means that when the hose assembly is being used the layers slide over the other layers allowing an excellent bend radius and ease of bending.

The Kiowa range of ‘Delsin’ composite hoses offers these qualities along with the assurance of:

  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Chemical Resistance

As part of our Site Services division we offer a Hose Management Programme which ensures that your hoses are managed and maintained correctly ensuring that you:

  • Identify costly problems before they occur
  • Reduce downtime from damaged equipment
  • Improve Health & Safety on-site
  • Reduce spill and clean-ups
  • Increase the life of the hose assembly

Contact us for more information about our hose assemblies or our Hose Management Programme.