Kiowa’s NEW Spill Control Catalogue – Helping Companies To Overcome Their Spill Control Challenges

Kiowa Ltd is now in partnership with Fosse Liquitrol providing the widest range of pollution control products and services which have been specifically developed to assist with preventing and coping with liquid spills and pollution. The products deliver a blend of quality, performance, reliability and value for money. Their knowledge and expertise has assisted countless companies both in the UK and abroad, find practical, sensible and cost effective solutions to their pollution control requirements, helping them to meet their legal and moral obligations while contributing towards a cleaner, greener, environment.
Site Surveys


Our Regional Sales Engineers can help you identify where an alternative product and solution might better suit your application, budget and location. Reducing downtime, identifying costly problems before they occur and improving the overall health & safety on site. 




Contact any of our 6 branches to find out more information, arrange a site visit / survey to receive a copy of the new catalogue.


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