Kiowa’s Plastic Fabrication Department

Kiowa’s Plastic Fabrication Department

New challenges in the food processing and packaging industry means:

  • Higher demands in the components in your equipment.
  • More frictional heat, more wear and increased aggressive cleaning at higher temperatures.

Without using the correct materials it can lead to increased downtime in the workplace as contamination can occur due to unforeseen part failures. Traditional materials are unable to cope with the demands of modern production techniques resulting in mating parts to buckle or gap, food particles to collect causing potential bug traps, poor fit and leakages. With years of experience Kiowa is able to offer you technical support, design and machining services that provide cost effective solutions to your maintenance problems. We can also utilize our extensive range of high performance plastic materials which can extend the performance boundaries of standard engineering plastics and therefore improving the performance, productivity and life of the components and equipment used.

New choices for new challenges

Kiowa has a proven and growing portfolio of engineering materials for components that handle these conditions. It includes materials that:

  • Reduce weight and power requirements.
  • Survive a wide range of chemicals and temperatures.
  • Increase time between repairs.
  • Outwears standard materials by a factor of 10 or more – whilst also reducing frictional drag.
  • Holds dimensions over wide temperature swings.
  • Eliminates costly lubrication.
Kiowa Plastic Fabrication Department

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