Launching Kiowa Ltd ‘Site Services’ Programme

Launching Kiowa Ltd ‘Site Services’ Programme

Kiowa Site Services






We are more than just a supplier, in addition to our products we now offer a full range of Site Services that supports you, your purchase decisions, teams and operations with bespoke, tailor made on-site services, one of which is our Hose Maintenance Programme.

Kiowa’s hose maintenance programme ensures all your hoses are managed and maintained correctly.


This ensures you:

  • Identify costly problems before they occur.
  • Reduce downtime from damaged equipment.
  • Improve health and safety on site.
  • Reduce spill and clean-ups.
  • Increase the life of the hose assembly.

The programme is delivered to:

  • Improve knowledge ensuring the safe use and storage of hose assemblies through training.
  • Use the S.T.A.M.P.E.D process to specify the correct hose assembly for your application including the correct selection and attachment of the hose ends or couplings.
  • If required, we can certify the hoses installed on your site.
  • Provide all your data including certificates on a personal account online – Lonan.
  • We can replace your failed hoses whilst the testing is taking place and can also remove and dispose of the failed hoses.
  • Keep you updated with the latest regulations and changes to directives.

Other On-Site Services We Offer


BAUER & FAN…As well as offering all the equipment for biogas plant management we can now provide annual BAUER and FAN on-site servicing along with technical advice carried out by our own trained Site Service engineers.


Fire extinguishers…We are now certified and trained to test your fire extinguishers annually. We will test and certify them, replacing or repairing those that have failed.  All certificates and results of the tests will be available online.

Bin Stocks


Stores management…Let us manage your bin stock.  We will establish a stock profile with you, determining min and max stock levels required for your business. We will organize your labelled bins and can visit weekly or monthly to maintain the agreed stock levels.



TODOTODO…We are now able to offer our customers not only the full range of TODO Dry-Break Couplings and accessories but two UK TODO service centres for the dry break couplings. 

We can repair and replace the internal seals and parts as required and re-pressure test them ready for use, a test certificate will also be issued if required.


Site Surveys… Our National Sales Managers and Regional Sales Engineers can help you identify where an alternative product and solution might better suit your application, budget and location. Reducing downtime, identifying costly problems before the occur and improving health & safety onsite.

Surveys available are:

  • Hose assemblies
  • Pneumatics
  • Hose reels
  • Hydraulics
  • Plastic fabrication

Please contact us for more information about any of the Site Services that we can offer you and your business e: