Kiowa Ltd introduces the New Hose Assembly Brochure which has been compiled from our expertise in the Hose and Hose Assemblies Market.

S_Hose_Assembly_Brochure_Cover_WebsiteWithin this brochure is a range of Hose, Assemblies, and related Products and Services including:

  • Industry and Application Specific Hoses
  • Fittings and Couplings Range
  • Information on Speciality Hose
  • Training Information
  • Fittings Information
  • Hose Assembly Services

The range of information and products that have been selected for this Brochure has been chosen with our customers in mind. All the Hose chosen meet our requirement standards for application use, and we are proud to offer information and services using our expertise. All products featured in this brochure are available to buy over the phone with Kiowa today.

View the Hose Assembly Brochure