NEW Kiowa LogoOver the last 25 years our company logo has changed kiowa logo Giffrom being a simple hand drawn Indian chief with the Kiowa name to our latest improved strap line sat alongside the drawn image of  Chief ‘Crow Dog’ and the Kiowa name in its unique ‘Kiowa green’ colouring.

With the acquisition of Parkland Engineering in August 2014 we added a new range of on-site services in addition to the customer surveys, hose kits, hose labelling and marking that we already offered through our branch in Sleaford Lincolnshire. The Hose Maintenance Programme we offer ensures that all your hoses are managed and maintained correctly through an on-site testing and full hose management programme managed by Kiowa.

For more information about any of the ‘Site Services’ we offer please contact us  or T:01529 416200.