New Orange Range from Vikan

New Orange Range from Vikan

Vikan have introduced orange to their range of hygenic cleaning products. The addition of orange to the range means that customers now have the option to further separate their food preparation areas, which results in improved product safety.

New Vikan Orange Range

The following products are now available in orange:

  • 238mm wall bracket HV-06157
  • Medium hand brush HV-45887
  • 245mm stiff hand brush HV-41897
  • 75mm hand scraper HV-40607
  • 300mm deck scrub HV-70607
  • 400mm soft floor broom HV-31797
  • 600mm 2C double blade squeegee HV-77147
  • 600mm replacement 2C double blade squeegee HV-77347
  • Large hand shovel HV-56727
  • Small hand shovel HV-56737
  • D grip shovel standard blade HV-56257
  • T grip shovel standard blade HV-56297
  • T grip shovel standard blade HV-56317
  • 1300mm ergonomic aluminium handle

View the Vikan Hygiene range of cleaning products.

Vikan Hygiene System

Vikan has devised a unique way of helping to eliminate cross-contamination, using colour coded cleaning zones. By dividing the production premises into visually separated zones, where each zone has its own coloured set of cleaning tools, hygiene can be improved and cross-contamination can be eliminated.

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Vikan Hygiene Range

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