S_B_Plastic_FabricationsKiowa operates a bespoke plastic fabrication department which is fully equipped with sophisticated forming, cutting, turning, milling and welding machines.

We are able to fabricate in a range of different materials including:      G_Plastic Fabrication Pg 612
• Polycarbonate
• Acrylic
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene



These products are often used within industry to replace the use of stainless steel, taking advantage of the reduced weight and also of
being corrosion resistant.

Such items as:
• Machine guards
• Wear strips and guides
• Storage boxes
• Lids
• Troughs
• Covers

With the use of two types of extruder welders, milling machines and hand torch welders our fabrication department can provide you with customised fabricated products developed
with you based from an on-site survey or your own drawings, specifications and requirements.

Food Cutting Boards

We manufacture high density 500 grade polyethylene chopping boards. These can be cut to any size or shape with locating holes if required. G_Food Cutting Boards Pg 613We also are able to create cutting boards with machined grooves, allowing products to be lined up before cutting to help meet the high standards expected by today’s customers.  Polyethylene is an ideal product to use as it is non-absorbent, non-toxic and is available in a variety of colours in thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm.

New challenges in the food processing and packaging industry means:

• Higher demands on the components in your equipment
• More frictional heat, more wear and increased aggressive cleaning at higher temperatures.
Without using the right materials it can lead to increased downtime in the workplace as contamination can occur due to unforeseen part failures. Traditional materials are unable to cope with the demands of modern production techniques resulting in mating parts to buckle or gap, food to start collecting causing potential bug taps, poor fit and leakages.  With years of experience Kiowa is able to offer you technical support, design and machining services that provide cost effective solutions to your maintenance problems.  We can utilize our extensive range of high performance plastic materials which can extend the performance boundaries of standard engineering plastics improving the performance, productivity and life of the components and equipment you design.

Plastic Formed Trays









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