The positives of a supply chain crisis

The positives of a supply chain crisis

In recent months, the global supply chain has struggled to adapt to the rapidly changing social and economic demands of modern society.

For Kiowa, fulfilling Industrial Hose, Hydraulics and Associated Site Service requirements, like all industries, has offered its challenges, but our teams across the country have continued to deliver every time.

Our teams have consistently provided their clients with quality excellence throughout, navigating the global supply chain shortages on their behalf, to find alternative solutions, that have ensured their businesses could remain operational.

So today, now part way through October 2021, the question remains, how does one find light in a tunnel that seems to have no end?

I put this question forward to Tom Taylor, Kiowa’s strategic lead in procurement and fulfilment.

He explained, “You have to stop taking your partnerships for granted; Our couriers bend over backwards wherever they can, but with the supply chain on its knees, now more than ever we need to recognise their value as key players in our business, and adapt to their needs in order they can meet ours.”

Tom was also keen to stress that cutting corners, was just not an option for his team.

“Regardless of the additional time, there’s no point in finding alternatives if they can’t guarantee the supply of quality goods, we just don’t operate like that at Kiowa.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting points was Tom’s current thoughts surrounding the increased demand for offline analysis and rejection of data twin technologies.

“We had to revamp our analysis and reliance on IT systems, the software we use is great day to day, but no programmer can make data talk better than two minds collaborating in the midst of a crisis. Of course, I’m not suggesting we don’t rely heavily on data, but it’s reached the point where the more tangible, innovative solutions we are now applying to maintain supply, are outpacing the development of the assistive decision making technology we were previously so reliant upon.”

Going forward, he explained that whilst there is more that will need ironing out in the coming months, he feels strongly that Kiowa’s ability to supply quality Industrial Hose, Hydraulics and Associated Site Services is increasingly daily, partly thanks to the new systematic methods of purchasing his team are now employing, but thanks also to the direct support Kiowa now receives as a member of the Alfagomma group.

Kiowa continue to be here for our clients, and encourage anyone who needs Industrial Hose, Hydraulics and Associated Site Service support to get in touch with a member of the team today.

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