Now that Kiowa is an Official UK supplier of Couplings from Emco Wheaton we are able to offer our customers the full range of API adaptors, couplers and accessories.



API Adaptors and couplers have been designed to form the connection between the road tanker and the loading rack with the TODO adaptors having the advantage of being dual purpose; as they are also used as the unloading valve at the service station.

Emco Wheaton API adaptors and couplers conform to APIRP1004 and are certified to comply with EN13083. The whole range has been designed to incorporate maximum safety, high flow, low-pressure drop, easy maintenance and offer a long service life with each adapter and coupler meeting the recognised international standards and industry codes of practice.

The adaptors have been designed with a flat base to ensure full product drainage when unloading and are the ideal choice for any organisation involved in the transportation of fuels.


  • Aluminium body
  • Hard anodised indexible nose ring and flat bottom set the standard in terms of design features and build quality.
  • Each model shares common spare parts minimising maintenance costs and reducing spare parts inventory.


API Adaptors


TODO offers one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market with each incorporating a range of patented features which helps to ensure they are able to offer trouble free, and spill free operation.

If you would like anymore information, a quote or to arrange a meeting about the TODO range of products please contact us.