TODO-MATIC® Dry-Break® Couplings

Trusted around the world to transfer highly valuable and aggressive products in the most testing conditions for loading and off-loading from road or rail, offshore rig supply, ship-to-shore transfer and more, TODO-MATIC® sets the standard for the industry.

The TODO-MATIC® range of Dry-Break® couplings has been a successful addition to the Kiowa portfolio of products as they are available in sizes from 1” to 6” and with a wide range of material options.

Major offshore exploration, chemical, pharmaceutical and petro chemical companies rely on TODO-MATIC® couplings to safely transfer their most aggressive or valuable products. Designed for safe and easy use with minimum operator intervention. TODO-MATIC® couplings offer an unbeatable combination of technical, safety and performance features.

Industry Applications:

• Road / rail tanker loading and unloading
• ISO retrofit and new build.
• IBC containers.
• Offshore rig supply.
• Pharmaceutical processing.
• Vapour recovery
• Ship to shore / ship / rig transfer.
• Ship manifold exchange.
• Bulk loading discharge.
• Paints & inks.

Available to buy online or call any of our 6 branches to request a quote.

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