Trelleborg Chemikler UPE hose has been designed specifically for the use in the suction and discharge of all corrosive chemicals, strong acids, aromatic solvents, chlorinated or oxygenated solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons. Ideal for road and rail tankers, unloading bays as well as mobile or fixed installations in chemical works and associated industries.

Trelleborg Chemikler Hose
Trelleborg Chemikler Hose on Kiowa Test Rig

It has been developed based on the requirements and demands of major European companies in terms of:

  • Environmental respect
  • Safety of persons
  • Hazardous level of products
  • Regulation EN12115 specifies all requirements for rubber and thermoplastic hoses and hose assemblies to transfer liquid of gaseous chemicals.

This means:

  • Safety factor: 4:1 (16 bar working pressure, bursting pressure must exceed 64 bar)
  • Resistance to inflammation (No flame after 20 seconds, no sparks after 2 minutes)
  • Capacity to recover OD after crush.
  • High abrasion resistant cover .
  • The hose can handle many diverse and aggressive chemicals, has a conductive tube and cover for electrical conductivity and has been tested for use in ATEX areas

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