SIBELCO 33 MIOS 23052011 (6)…Without stating the obvious the user will have leaner production, reducing production downtime, costs and overheads.

Most plants use steel pipes, but Natural Rubber (NR) is more wear resistant than steel, cheaper (material and frequency of replacement) and greener.

The big block we found on the sale of these hoses was the couplings used to connect them.  To support our customers we are currently offering bloc-end half shelved couplings with a sealed gasket for free when a Performer hose is purchased.

(We also have something we call End Flex (A swivelling flange integrated in the hose which guarantees a perfect leak proof connection without any added seal and also an excellent pressure resistance)) if a more flexible solution is required.

This product will improve the performance within production facilities, green ratings, and cut costs within the plants as the hoses are pretty much a commodity product thereafter.