Two NEW Festo P111 Courses Arranged for 2016

Two NEW Festo P111 Courses Arranged for 2016


 As our Festo Pneumatic P111 courses have already proved so popular this year we have organized 2 new ones:


  • Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th October
  • Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th October

10 Places Available on each course

Designed as a introduction to the subject of pneumatics, the course aims to familiarise delegates with the design, construction, and operation of pneumatic components including the construction of control systems.

Festo PneumaticsCourse Overview

The course covers use of compressed air for pneumatic control and as a signaling medium. Topics include compressors, storage, dryers, and distribution as well as the design, construction and operation of a range of actuators, valves and ancillary equipment. The relevant ISO symbols are introduced and included in the circuit diagrams.

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