Uk AD & World Biogas Expo 2019

Whilst the purpose of the UK AD & World Biogas Expo is to promote a platform for both businesses and experts to display and discuss new products and innovations it is about a lot more, as it ‘speaks to a rapidly changing world that seeks to bring about an end to waste in all its forms’

Kiowa attended the 2019 expo along with BAUER  / FAN UK displaying a small range of equipment and plant management services that are available across the UK.

As well as water suction hose assemblies, Handle-Tech handles and a range of screens, liners and couplings we also had a Hi-Vis hose reel on display.

We also displayed a range of Blaklader Hi-Visibility workwear that is creating a stir within the AD and Agriculture sector. The range of red / black Class 1/2/3 clothing is available online and covers a range of garments from T Shirts to jackets and trousers.


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