Professional Vehicle Cleaning – Clean Cars Drive Better!

The safety of drivers and other road users can be improved simply by keeping the vehicle’s windows, mirrors and lights clean as this greatly improves the visibility of the vehicle.

Vikan Transport

Vikan have developed the Vikan Transport System which offers the widest range of manual cleaning tools for car care. All Vikan products have been developed in close collaboration with professional users, so they incorporate exactly what the professional user needs.

Vikan considered three important requirements when developing the car cleaning tools:

  • Prevent paintwork being damaged
  • Ergonomics
  • Ensuring that each tool provides optimal results

Many of the vehicle cleaning brushes are fitted with a protective rubber edging so as to avoid any damage to the paint or body work. Ergonomically correct tools are also important for the professional user, so that the hours of daily use do not strain the arms, neck and shoulders.

The Vikan vehicle cleaning range is continuously being expanded to ensure the best solutions for all cleaning and maintenance requirements.

View the Vikan Vehicle Cleaning range.

Vikan Hygiene

Vikan has devised a unique way of helping to eliminate cross-contamination, using colour coded cleaning zones. By dividing the production premises into visually separated zones, where each zone has its own coloured set of cleaning tools, hygiene can be improved and cross-contamination can be eliminated.

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